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Come join RPFC for weekly sermons on how to walk your life in a way which is pleasing to the Lord. Our Pastor covers topics on abundant life and how children of God should be diligent, faithful, and obedient.

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JULY 2011


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Ross Point Freedom Church welcomes all visitors in our midst.

We believe everybody is somebody and that God designed us for his own good pleasure...fearfully and wonderfully. In the body of Christ, every joint supplies. There is meaning, destiny and purpose in your life.

Though you may be a stranger to us, you are not a stranger to God. It is our hope that when you visit that your moments with us will be warm and spiritually uplifting to the extent that you will want to worship with us again. If you are searching for a church home, we hope your search will end with us.

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Our last sermon was a blessing! Did you miss it? Do you need to hear it again? Here, you will be able to read highlights from the latest sermons of our Pastor and Ministers.

Sermon Title: "Prayer Changes Things" Prayer delayed is not prayer denied.
Scripture: John 14:13-21 and John 17:14-15

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